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Each CRC Retro Corvette takes over 900 hours to complete. Learn why below!

The CRC conversion is more than replacing and bolting on a few panels on a stock C5 or C6 Corvette.


Every panel on the "donor car" is replaced with a computer engineered, vacuum formed Carbon Balanced part. Each individual part is made without seams to prevent printing on the outer surface. The rear section of the car is permanently attached to the frame and all other parts are attached using removable fasteners. The car was designed to use factory stock parts (hinges, wiring, interior appointments). The bumpers and most of the chrome trim are manufactured specifically for CRCoachworks, or by CRCoachworks with some of them being chromed carbon fiber.

Each car is hand crafted and takes over 900 hours to complete.  Panels and trim are custom fit and the car is painted any color the customer chooses.  The car is then cut and buffed ensuring a quality you find only in high end show cars.

The CRC body is made in our US plant from SPRINT CBS, a unique composite material by Gurit that is shipped to our shop frozen from Europe.  The material is a balance of Carbon Fiber and E-Glass layers placed on either side of a precast, pre-catalysed resin film.  Unlike conventional prepregs, SPRINT fibers remain dry and un-infused by the resin until the curing process.  This gives the materials their outstanding breathability, high strength and achieves autoclave quality laminates from vacuum bag processing. A surfacing material is placed in the mold prior to the CBS.  After the vacuum bagging process and high temperature cure, the parts are painted.  The surfacing material virtually eliminates any pattern bleed through on the outer surface, which is typical of other carbon fiber materials that do not use a surfacer, ensuring a remarkable finish.