CRC owners, employees, and associates are passionate about building dreams for that exclusive group of automobile owners who would like to again see the iconic versions of America's Dream Sports Car driving across this great country.


Before CRC began business in 1993 Doug Graf, the Chief Engineer and Designer, spent over three years creating and designing a process that would eventually lead to the development from our 1962 Retrovette convertible model.  We have more 1962 CRC Retrovettes driving around the country than any other model because that was our only model for over 10 years.  We owe a debt of gratitude to those early purchasers of our CRC Retrovettes that shared our passion for the Corvette heritage, they encouraged us to develop additional Retrovette models. During the 1967 model design process we also re-engineered our build process to include the C6 Corvette platform in the models we offer.  All of our three Retrovette convertible models have found a place in the hearts and garages of owners who appreciate the rare car that takes you back in time but are freed from the bondages of their garages and museums.  There is truly something special about getting into a car that looks like an iconic car of over 60 years ago and going to the golf course with your clubs in the trunk, or taking your significant other or good friend out to your favorite restaurant. Their performance and safety rivals that of many supercars found on the road today.

After 15 years we have finally developed a CRC Retrovette that honors the most iconic and recognizable Corvette, the 1963 SPLIT WINDOW COUPE.  In January 2019 CRC is introducing a LIMITED EDITION 1963 CRC Retrovette Split Window Coupe with four different engine performance options ranging from the stock C6 LS3 430HP version to a Supercharged enhanced 657HP ZO6 version.  How times have changed.  The original 1963 Split Window in the Rochester Fuel Injected version produced 360HP, almost half of what is available today.  Our company owners have always shared a passion for the Corvette heritage.  Doug owned a Corvette at 19 years old and the other owner, Ron still owns, with his son Jeremy, an original 1963 Fuel injected Split Window Coupe that was purchased in 1969 and has less than 35,000 original miles.  Doug & Ron are looking forward to getting into a new CRC 1963 Split-Window Retrovette, turning on the satellite radio to the 60's channel and driving down the road with both the performance and safety of todays modern sports cars and the feeling of the nostalgia of the 60's.  Come share the passion with us.