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The original CRC Retro Corvette

1958-60 CRC Retrovette Convertible

Featuring hand-made carbon fiber paneling, this CRC is guaranteed to turn heads. This model is built on a C5/C6 frame and can be fully customized.

$147,000* Package Build

Included in the PACKAGE:

A CRC Proprietary carbon fiber body engineered to resemble a 1958, 1959, or 1960 on a low mileage (> 30K) 2010-2013 C6 Corvette chassis with the original drivetrain, high performance LS3 430HP engine, transmission, interior, instrumentation, convertible top, factory front & side airbags and front & rear crash protection, thru bumper exhaust system, LED taillights and Vortex headlights, correct year GM licensed emblems and side cove spears, cove accent color, louvered hood and trunk spears (58), trickle battery charger, complete mechanical car inspection with new brake job, new wheels and tires (choice of CRC approved black or chrome wheels), full time rear view mirror camera, and car cover.

The following Options are also available for any 1958-60 CRC Retrovette Convertible

  • 58-60S: Supercharged 550HP Engine Performance Package including a Lingenfelter E Force TV2300 Supercharger, upgraded Wilwood Brakes, and exposed carbon fiber inner fenders ($18,000)

  • 58-60Z: ZO6 427CI 505HP Engine, Wilwood brakes, and exposed carbon fiber inner fenders ($19,500)

  • 58-60A Dynamat Sound Deadening ($1295)

  • 58-60B Custom Leather Seat covers of the style and color of your choice ($3500)

  • 58-60C Full Custom Dyed Interior ($13,995)

  • 58-60D Convertible Top Color change ($1,895)

  • 58-60E Proprietary Hubcap (Whitewall or Blackwall) Wheels ($9,850)

  • 58-60J Painted Bumpers (same color as car) ($2,000) –Not available with thru bumper exhaust

  • 58-60X Customer Supplied Donor Car (-$25,000)

*Prices are as of January 1, 2019 and are subject to change. Prices do not include sales taxes if applicable
** ZO6 Options for convertibles are limited to the 2013 Corvettes